Clarksville Academy Athletics

Varsity Girl’s Basketball Team won their first District Game

Clarksville Academy Varsity Girl’s Basketball won their first district Game Friday night again Lead Academy, 57-49.  The Lady Cougars jumped out to a score 17-12 after the first quarter.  The Lady Cougars were winning at halftime 33-22.  The girls momentum kept up to continue to win the district game.

Eleven Lady Cougars scored.  The top scorer was Sydneey Boykin who had three, three pointers for a total of 22 points.  Charlton Kelley had 8 points. Presleigh Sykes and Keisha Phillips each added 7 points.  Vana Pridgen had five points.  Alycia Buggs and Abbey Hogan added four points each.  Aaryn Moss and Nadiya Stowe each added three points.  And Anna Cherry and Morgan Crowley each added two points.

The Lady Cougars play again Tuesday at Houston County.