Clarksville Academy Athletics

Varsity Girl’s Basketball Team beat Houston County

Clarksville Academy Girl’s Basketball Team beat Houston County on the road, 47-40. The Lady Cougars started the lead in the first quarter, 14-6. Houston County only scored one point in the second quarter, with the half time score of 25-7. Third Quarter, the Houston County team out scored the Lady Cougars 14-12. The Lady Cougars held the lead till the buzzer. Sydneey Boykin lead the Lady Cougars with 16 points. Aaryn Moss added 8 points. Preleigh Sykes and Keisha Phillips each had 7 points. Nadiya Stowe added four points. Charlton Kelley and Anna Cherry each added two points. Abbey Hogan went to the free throw line adding one point.

This is the first time the Lady Cougars have beat Houston County since 2001.